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Catering for film crews with special needs

Nothing works up an appetite like a long day of shooting beautiful footage for your ambitious film productions or movies. We make sure your crew is provided with tasty, quick and abundant food so they can work their best to make sure your film is a success. We work with reliable catering companies that can be relied on to keep your team well fed.

And, when the work is done, if the crew wants to try typical Swiss food, we know the best places for it!

Additionally, Switzerland's multicultural population means you'll have access to a wide range of national specialties from all over the world. Whether you crave an Indian thali or a steaming bowl Japanese Soba noodles, we can make it happen for you.

Traditional Swiss cuisine for the set

But of course we can also provide very autentic and traditional Swiss food like fondue, raclette and Älplermacaroni. May be not for your crew, but for the set, if you want to shoot in Switzerland a documentary style table scene with your actors. Heard that cheese and milk sels good in China these days! We like film crews with special needs.