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Production Service for Film and Video Productions

ALOCO is a Swiss full-service film production company. We can provide any service for productions in Switzerland related to film and video making in-house.

A Full Range of Services

We provide all services through the three stages of a filmproduction: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Our production service spans the industry. From audio technical expertise to camera operation, writing and directing, if it's part of the film production process, we will do it for you! We produce high quality products in short time and in any format you choose: Blu ray, DVD, Web movie 4K-TV, full HD, DCP for cinema and so on. You name it, we deliver!

Work example for BBC / Big Deal Films (Swiss Part)



Organizing the Film Production

This is the stage of brainstorming, defining the target group, consulting, script writing, story board drawing, location scouting, defining style and mood, casting, organizing, budgeting and so on. In the pre-production stage, the film ideas are germinated, defined and, as much as possible, resolved.

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Film Production

The Actual Film Production

The film is shot, images are captured and it's all put on disc.

Technical setup (DIP), make up, lighting, directing, camera operation and, finally, filming take place in this stage.

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Creating a Finished Product

After shooting the film is ready for post-production, where editing, sound design, color correction and, finally, delivery, take place. In this stage the film is given its style and is polished up for screening.

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