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Documentary Film Production

We produce documentaries and are willing to work under difficult conditions. We have filmed in Chad, Mali, Russia amongst many other countries around the world.

Our Director, Verena Endnter, specializes in human interest films.

Our latest documentary, Lucky Devils: From the streets to the circus - a magical spectacle, was a selection at the 2013 International Film Festival in Nyon.

We also support documentarie film productions & help with the distribution in Switzerland.

Synopsis of the documentary film production

Lively Danja is half-orphan and his father lives in prison. Belligerent Igor was recently picked up on the streets. His single mother is unable to cope with her four children. Nastja and Mischa are cut off from home because they could not stand it. But there’s Larissa with its innovative circus UPSALA. She takes on the bullies and catapult them to new heights. A planned tour to Switzerland attracts and the training with the clown Gardi Hutter is a unique experience.

Images from dazzling St. Petersburg contrast with the dilapidated, desolate slab. But the warm, colorful circus world outshines everything.

More information on the official website of the documentary «Lucky Devils».