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Film music video clip

Music video for Rapper FAME

We produced the music video clip for Rapper FAME. As actores we had the honor to work with very lovely people with mental dieabilities, how work and live in the silea in Thun.

We got steady cam shots as well as dollies and areals from above the houses. Hope you like the music. Enjoy!

Moods by colorgrading & different cameras

The scenes where shoot with different cameras and also graded in different stiles to get the mood. Take a closer look by looking at the stills.

Music Videos with Groove

Color grading in music videos is extremely important! It sets the tone and the atmosphere!

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If you are an artist or a musician and like to get a video, please contact us. We love to hear about your ideas and are glad to make you a good offer for the shooting.

Just don't forget us, if you get the first golden CD ;-)

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Music Video Production

We love producing music videos. It's an art of its own. Whether you want a lot of cuts or a single shot video, we do our best to make the music clip stunning, outstanding and successful. Upcoming artists please contact Dan Riesen, the man in charge, directly for special offers.