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Production - Swiss-Quality Filming

Our high-quality pre-production makes for efficient production.

On set, everyone needs to needs to know know what to do and to do it smoothly and effectively. To this end we draw on an extensive network of local industry professionals to select the best directors, technicians, actors, designers, camera operators and gaffers available. With an experienced, efficient crew on set, we ensure faster filming and better value. 

Whether filming on a glacier, underwater or from high up in the sky, we will stop at nothing to get you the shots you need to stand out from the crowd and to make your film a success.

Once we have a wealth of high quality footage, we start the post-production process where good material is transformed into an outstanding film that that is sure to impress. Swiss-Quality Filming at it's best!

Film Production in Switzerland

If you ask yourself, why do I have to produce a film in Switzerland, have a look at the beautiful sceneries and the very different find of locations only an hour car drive away. It can be a little pricy but we do our best to minimize costs for you by working with professionals on a tight schedule.